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Weekly Japanese WTF – Neon & Fluorescent Lamp Fighting (6 Pics)


Not sure how this craze started, but the concept seems as simple as it is stupid. Get a bunch of guys together with some flourescent light bulb tubes and beat the crap out of each other. Dumb as it may seem, apparently it is gaining quite the following and popularity in the country.  See pics below…

Impressive Mexican Bottle House (22 Pics)


There are all kinds of houses made of bottles. And while it’s great they are being green, let’s face it, they don’t always look the greatest. What makes the house below stand apart, is the fact that it’s probably the most impressive looking bottle house I’ve ever seen. They did an amazing job.

Good Logos Gone Bad (16 Pics)


Some companies need to step back at take a hard look at their logos before making them public. Sometimes they can portray a message that isn’t always the original intention. The following are all real logos we found…enjoy.

Ten Most Expensive Cars in the World (10 Pics)


Have some extra cash laying around burning a hole in your pocket? If so you could be the proud new owner of one of these rides. Although you may need a second job to cover the insurance cost…

Top 10 most expensive cars in the world as of 2010.

10. SSC Ultimate Aero
Price: $740,000
Specs: 1,287 horsepower. Top speed of 270 miles per hour

Coolest Elevator in the World (15 Pics)


Ever seen an elevator that looked like this? The AquaDom in Berlin, Germany, is a 25 meter tall cylindrical acrylic glass aquarium with built-in transparent elevator, which takes visitors to a siteseeing deck. It is located at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Berlin-Mitte. The DomAquarée complex also contains a hotel, offices, a restaurant, and the aquarium Sea Life Center.

Opened in December of 2003, it cost about 16 million dollars to build. It contains 237,754 gallons of seawater and has 2600 fish made up of 56 species. Two divers are on on site full time for feeding and maintenance of the fish.

Funny Bat Video


In the mood for bats?

Worlds Largest Pool (9 Pics)


At over 1,000 yards long, covering 20 acres, and holding 66 million gallons of water is the worlds largest pool at the resort San Alfonso del Mar in Chile. It uses water pumped from the Pacific Ocean which is filtered then treated to supply the pool. The pool took over 5 years and a reported 1 billion to build.

Weekly Japanese WTF – Pantyhose Tug of War


Name says it all!

Crazy Nail Houses (12 Pics)


A nail house is a Chinese term for houses that belong to people who refuse to leave as the city develops around them. The analogy compares the homeowners to nails that are stuck in wood, and can’t be pounded down with a hammer.

Ferrari World Theme Park in Abu Dhabi (17 Pics)


Ferrari World Theme Park is set to open in 2010 in in Abu Dhabi.

The theme park will feature an iconic sleek red roof that’s said to be directly inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body, spanning 2,152,782 square feet and carrying the largest Ferrari logo ever created

It will be home to the “fastest rollercoaster in the world”  which will exceed speeds of 120 mph and be over 200 feet tall. The site includes over 20 rides, including one that will shoot visitors through the roof and back down again. Also on site, fine dining, shopping and virtual simulators.