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Cute Video of the Day – GoPro Owl Dance-Off


Funny GoPro video of owls dancing.

Base Jumping Off the Princess Tower in Dubai


See what its like to base jump off the Princess Tower in Dubai. Its the world’s tallest residential only building. Amazing…

Cute Video of the Day – Super Cute Wild Cottontail Rabbit Gets Fed Milk


Check out the adorable video of a wild cottontail rabbit getting bottle fed milk.

Coolest Backyard in the World – Awesome Backyard Golf Course of Dave Pelz


Check out what might be the worlds coolest backyard at the home of David Pelz. He has a mini golf course in his backyard. Imagine having a golf hole in your backyard? Check out the video below:

Gator VS Truck – Who Will Win?


Alligator vs truck. Gator doesn’t like to be bothered…

Cute Video of the Day – Little Penguin Exhibit at The Bronx Zoo


The Little Penguin Exhibit at The Bronx Zoo has little penguins which are only about 13 inches tall and weigh 2 to 3 pounds. They are also known as fairy penguin, blue penguins, and little blue penguins. They are the smallest penguin species and are native to Australia and New Zealand. There are only currently three locations in the U.S. that have them.

Cute Video of the Day – Turtle Eats Tiny Pancakes


Watch this tortoise eat tiny pancakes on the cute video of the day.

For those that can’t back a trailer…Ford has you covered!


Those out there who aren’t sure how to back a trailer up have gotten a little assistance from Ford with their new Pro Trailer Backup Assist featured on the 2016 F150.

Worlds Coolest Indoor Gardens (16 Pics)


Here are the worlds coolest indoor gardens


1. Koraku-en Subway Garden